Employer Services:


Executive Search for either strategic talent or entire teams of contributors. Let iGoHire ® attract exceptional talent for your company with assurance of great results and high retention.


We offer best of breed capabilities in our ability to assess and guarantee candidates who will make the greatest difference in your company.


Price: An employer’s requirements and all projects are unique. Search assignments are priced accordingly. In all cases, the value of the benefit will greatly exceed the cost of service.



Individual Services:


We offer advanced executive assessments which form the basis of our career guidance. The executive assessment is based upon your VISTA, a comprehensive view of your Values, Interests, Skills, Temperament and Attributes.  It develops your framework for charting your course for your entire career. It includes consultation on interview strategy. We help you negotiate better offers. We support you for the duration of your career and will always be available to you for consultation.


Price: Executive assessment and consultation is $2,995.


Personal consultation is available without time limit.

Launch Package:


Professionals who seek an extremely lucrative and empowering career path in the executive search and placement industry will receive a comprehensive 7 day launch program. Completion will result in a Certification of Completion and directly support the ability of an individual to build a great future within the search and placement field for $4,995.


Training is conducted in Sarasota, Florida. Unlimited guidance and consultation is provided post completion in order to assure success of the individual.


Vertical Market Licensing:


If an individual has experience in a specific industry and seeks to capitalize on their knowledge, a limited number of licenses are available with full support from the founder at price to be determined. As licensees proliferate, terms and prices may change.