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Vertical Market Licensing


If you seek more lucrative ways to capitalize on your industry knowledge and see yourself introducing two parties who fit together, you may want to consider becoming an executive recruiter. You may have knowledge and experience in several rapid growth industries, accounting, finance, banking, insurance, construction, IT, Aerospace and Defense, manufacturing or many other fields where you may be considered an expert.


Most executive recruiters report their personal earnings increased significantly when they remained in their field but changed their focus to placing talent, even without prior experience in introducing two parties to each other.


Please call us directly to discuss your particular focus. We can help you, whether you choose to be a sole proprietor or to work in concert with us as Licensee using our trade name, comprehensive system and general approach.



Launch Package


Professionals who seek an extremely lucrative and empowering career path in the executive search and placement industry are offered a comprehensive 8 day launch program.


Completion will result in a Certification of Completion and directly support the ability of an individual to build a great future within the search and placement industry.


Training is conducted in Sarasota, Florida. Unlimited guidance and consultation is provided post completion in order to assure success of the individual.

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