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Employers do not need to hire people, they need contributors and achieve results. You need top talent to do that. We certify that talent.


Our iGoHire ® web site receives many visitors daily. When we highlight your opportunity in a “Featured Employer or Position” on our web site as, you will attract top candidates who will rarely be found on more mainstream or mass market web sites.


Career minded professionals


We are immediately responsive to you, unlike most executive recruiters and “job boards”.


Our comprehensive way of assessing you will ensure you achieve your preferred result. That assessment allows better guidance, fosters more empowerment and results in better job offers.


We do not presume all people desire traditional employment with hiring companies unlike most search and placement firms. Our proprietary assessment provides a unique insight into how to best apply a candidate’s time and energy throughout his or her career. That frequently suggests a more entrepreneurial path or self employment. We are extremely well connected to many markets that offer the best self employment opportunities.


We help you achieve true financial freedom. Whether you work in a company or are self employed, achievement of financial freedom should be within your reach. It is as major a focus for us in guiding you as all other considerations.


Both Employers and Candidates


In my first two years of placing talent, my firm enjoyed a 100 % voluntary employee retention ratio, and after 5 years still enjoyed a 98% retention ratio. The formula is simple, personalized engagement and comprehensive and unique individual assessment.


Enjoyed lasting prosperity. If you are navigating the career or “hiring” world in any capacity, you need your own expert who guarantees specific results.

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