Why : What company does not want to hire the best available talent to help it grow?

What candidate wants to work with any of the traditional executive recruiters and on line “job” sites that tend to be very impersonal in their approach?

Having completed many search assignments, I can attract talent for your team.

I serve my candidates because they rely upon me to provide great guidance.

Who:  My name is Michael P Athas. I have been an executive recruiter since 1978 in addition to having various leadership roles with Fortune 500 technology companies. I founded and have owned iGoHire ® about 20 years ago. I have attracted exceptional talent for my client companies, the best companies in their fields. I also help candidates with resume development, help them secure interviews and assist them in negotiating better offers for themselves.

Partial List of Client Companies 

Angelus Funding

Blue Wave Financial

Advanced ESI

Union Pub

201 Stateroom


Florida Shores Bank




Thomson Financial

Dimensional Insight

Information Builders


 Where:  Our clients will hire throughout the US. We have placed talent in Europe and the US, including Hawaii.

Featured Client and Opportunity Profile

 Blue Wave Financial is perhaps the premier agency that rewards top tier talent for serving middle America in the Mortgage Protection, Final Expense, Life Insurance and Annuities industry. This opportunity with Blue Wave Financial is so compelling that we are working primarily with this client. Blue Wave Financial is appointed by Equis Financial, the preeminent creator of distribution for 12 major insurance carriers and the dominant Independent Marketing Organization in the financial services industry. The executive leadership of both Blue Wave Financial and Equis financial is proven and established over many years in their business.

 Where:  Blue Wave Financial serves markets nationwide. Candidates need not relocate, yet they can base their operation in their own home state but still develop business outside of their home state.

 When:  The time is now. Blue Wave Financial has made a major investment in a rapid “on boarding” process designed to get new hires contracted, licensed, trained,  appointed with several carriers and earning money within one to two weeks or sooner.

 How:  One big key to developing financial freedom is self employment. If you choose self employment, align yourself with a mature system and associate yourself with established producers. Our financial services client is such a system, and it is populated with established producers.

Invest $150 or so in yourself by completing a 40 hour on line course and securing your Life Insurance Producer’s License. If you’re already licensed, our “on boarding” process is that much faster since you request contracting with Blue Wave Financial.

As a direct marketing company, Equis Financial invests heavily in creating demand for its services and products. In your affiliation with Blue Wave Financial, you will reap all the benefits of the massive investment made in their system and their creation of demand. Those benefits are advanced professional guidance, access to invaluable resources, and extremely high likelihood of success, if you apply yourself.

 Earnings Potential:

While your level of success and achievement depends ultimately upon you, your skills and general motivation, producers earning six figures are near the bottom of our scale with leading producers solidly in the seven figure range. In addition, equity bonuses are offered as are frequent special incentives. As an aside, even part time members generally earn $500 to $1,000 per week for 10 to 12 hours of work per week.