Make A Lasting First Impression

Is your “OK” resume costing you … Money, Stress or Opportunity?

® is for career minded individuals who may face the following challenges:

Consider the value of a terrific resume. Consider what a liability traditional resumes can be! First impressions do last, and your resume often creates that lasting, first impression of you.

Michael Athas, President of ®  helps people avoid the pitfalls and costs of “traditional” career management and uses advanced techniques reverse the power relationship in your favor. Michael Athas will personally build a custom resume for you.

Michael is an internationally recognized leader in executive development and recruitment and is founder of ®, a leading career coaching company. As an executive recruiter, Michael completed numerous search assignments for strategic talent around the world and placed top talent in a new career position. Michael helps “up and coming” professionals realize a fair value for their contributions and levels the playing field, which currently is skewed in favor of the employer. It all starts with a great resume.

Contact ® 719-351-9697 or email at for immediate response.

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